Student Experiences

2014 Internship in Germany

Germany For further information about Internship Life in Germany (2013), you can read in our student blog. Internship at Hagen University, Germany                          Internship at Hannover University, Germany                               Offenburg       […]

2014 Educational Trip @ Japan

This Educational Trip, held on March 30 – April 4, 2014 at Tokyo – Osaka, Japan. To visit the universities and study their cultures, technologies, cuisine, and transportations. Japanese Cuisine      Transportation    Costume   Archaeological Site      Geographic and Environment      Internship Interview with Prof. from Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology University    And we also […]

2013 Internship in Germany

Germany  Pongpol Hussein : Software and Knowledge Engineering Program , Thai Student (SKE08) 2013 Internship at Hagen University, Germany ” While living abroad during this internship, I’ve learnt to be more professional in my work and take  greater responsible for myself. I also had to make great personal adjustments as the German people are very punctual. I think […]